Eco Products

Wikaniko – Suppliers of Eco Products

Choose from hundreds of eco products from totally degradable bags, fantastic natural cosmetics, natural toiletries, green products, eco-products, soaps, creams, organic cotton wool, energy saving devices, sustainable greetings cards, interesting and creative water saving gadgets, organic gardening and compostable products, seeds, all at your fingertips or the click of the mouse all at a great price.

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The Wikaniko range of Eco Products

As well as eco-friendly products, Wikaniko also offer a new, exciting and now very popular magnotherapy range in the new Health and Beauty catalogue, plus the Wikaniko Aloe Vera range and the award winning NVey eco environmentally friendly organic cosmetics. Take a closer look at the home goods, natural and gorgeous smelling air fresheners, the WikidKlean eco-friendly cleaning products and Bio-D eco cleaning and eco laundry range. Eco shopping has never been so much fun and now is a great time to treat yourself or your home to a green and eco-friendly spring clean.

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Did you know? Not only do Wikaniko offer a fabulous range of eco products, but also support a community of independent eco distributors all benefiting from the unique Wikaniko co-operative marketing approach and an ethical home-based business that’s changing people’s lives for the better. Wikaniko has ethically sourced over 750 (growing all the time!) eco friendly products for you to sell and earn great profits from day one.

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Eco Products for a Greener Life

Becoming more ‘eco friendly’ is on many people’s minds these days. However, it is often difficult to know where to begin, and of course, what to believe. So Wikaniko have solved all the the mysteries for you in the most innovative and creative ways that you could ever imagine. Please take time to explore Wikaniko and the range of environmentally friendly products. You are sure to be astonished at what you will discover, and delighted in the ways you can benefit from the services and resources on the web site. Above all, Wikaniko will show you how to become a whole lot more environmentally aware, whilst actually benefiting your wallet or purse. It needn’t cost the earth to go ‘green’, but it will cost us all the earth (literally) if we don’t…

Wikaniko is an exciting new way to be a little greener. So take a look today.

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